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We provide day-to-day guidance, support and information to our customers and their families.

Do you feel lonely sometimes, or perhaps you yearn for more comfort and cheer in your days? Do you need care and professional support to improve your wellbeing or help with getting better sooner after hospitalization or illness?    

We welcome you warmly to our Hovi-community:  At Hovi Club you can spend time in a happy and friendly environment together with your peers and enjoy high-class wellbeing services provided by our professional health team. 

Our Club offers interesting and fun weekly programmes with activities, entertainment and physical and mental trainings.  Should you prefer rest and relaxation, at Hovi Club we offer you a secure environment to spend your time exactly the way that suits you best.

We also serve you at home if needed. Our nurses and care-givers are  reliable and well-trained in our Hovi Academy with ISO9001 certified processes.  All our services are fully transparent and we use state-of-the art technologies to secure high-end quality in all our actions.