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Physioacoustic programmes


The Next Wave therapy chair is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a class II medical device (FDA 510(k)). The FDA allows three claims: tension relief, increase of blood circulation and relief of pain.
The Next Wave Physioacoustic electronic device is also medically tested by the BSI in the U.K. The Physioacoustic technology is safe and non-invasive.

Since the 1990´s of the last century several studies have been done on the effects of Physioacoustic therapy in various symptoms and diseases such as:

High blood pressure

Chronic back and neck pain


Functional capacity, blood circulation

Multiple Sclerosis


Residential aged care

Total knee replacement


Specific programmes for common ailments in Singapore


For hip replacement patients

High blood pressure

Prevent program for flue

Activation program for elderly people

Efficient program for pain management

Program for knee replacement

Special insomnia program with low frequencies

Yes! We have tuned a specific programme to cater to the vast ailment that our population are facing. Not to mention that there are more programmes for issues such as stress, back and lower limb pain. This treatment is not only for elderlies but it is also suitable for athletes who are recovering from any muscle damages.