High-Quality Elderly Care for Seniors

Hovi Care offers evidence-based and individualised elderly care services. We serve ageing seniors who need assistance in activities of daily living (ADL), social activities, cognitive rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Hovi Care elderly care in Asia

Our senior care aims to improve both well-being and quality of life for our customers and their families. While caring for the elderly, we provide well-thought-out weekly programs. Our senior activities are suitable for people with mild cognitive impairment, memory disorder, and problems in gait, balance and co-ordination.

Individual Elderly Care for Seniors

Our care for seniors and geriatric services include all the rehabilitation elements you need for keeping your loved one in good shape through social, memory and physical rehabilitation. The care plan is individually tailored for each client literally reflecting our slogan: Own Your Life.

Hovi Care Senior Care Model Provides an Alternative

Everyone would like to continue living in their own home for as long as possible. Tailoring your elderly services from our portfolio can provide an alternative to an elderly home or nursing home. The combination of in-home care services and in-home nursing care, HoviClub Senior Daycare activities and on-line care can provide the support and fulfil the needs of the elderly clients.

Senior Care Services for Different Needs

Top-class elderly care for seniors requires both world-class best practices as well as motivated and well-trained care personnel: our Nordic background and 30-years-of-expertise support both of those aspects. Taking care of the elderly in all aspects requires in-depth knowledge in, e.g. ageing, physical therapies, different types of dementia, diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Sometimes loneliness and social isolation become problems. Not to worry, if you are feeling lonely, come to our HoviClub.

Age Gracefully with Hovi Care

Give us a call and come to visit Hovi Club and see for yourself. Our cosy atmosphere will make your loved one feel like home. The exciting activity program, specifically created based on elder’s needs, will make the time fly by.

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Hovi Care operations in Asia


Hovi Club Horsecity,

Senior Activity Centre for Elderly with a kampong feeling at Bukit Timah. Engaging programs with seniors via social interaction, memory and physical rehabilitation.

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Hovi Home,

Home Care in Singapore supports clients at home when they are not in Hovi Club, our senior day care centre. Home Care serves the elderly 24/7 if needed.

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HoviClub Teuku Umar

Hovi Club Teuku Umar, Indonesia

Kasih Ibu Hospital with Hovi Care run a Hovi Club for Active Ageing for Seniors. Hovi Club is a place dedicated to the wellbeing of our parents, a great place for Arisan.

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HoviAssisted Saba

Hovi Assisted Saba, Indonesia

HoviAssisted Saba is an elderly care which aim to promote well-being and critical support to our customers’ ability to live independently and safely. 

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