Since going to Hovicare I have noticed an improved interest in physical activity and better strength and balance in my father’s gait. He really enjoys the company and all the activities there. His favourites are songs from his era, games and of course the exercises. We really appreciate all the efforts and dedication of every staff. They really have won over an initially resistant participant.

Gillian / daughter

Since my father joined Hovi Care in January 2020, it has become somewhat of a second home to him. The staff are warm, friendly and patient. They have been able to engage him on a personal basis, encouraging him to share his personal experiences and opinions.
I also appreciate the various exercises, both mental and physical, that have been tailored to suit his needs,

Adeline Lim / daughter

Without Hovicare, my mother would not receive much needed stimulation and engagement each day.

The staff are responsive to her needs and provide regular and helpful updates on her physical and emotional well-being.”

Li Choo / daughter

My father in law has thoroughly enjoyed his time visiting HoviCare. The staff are friendly and willing to help with all aspects of his care.

We were initially hesitant to try the day care service, but the staff did everything they could do to help him settle in.

Justin / son in law