Animal Therapy for Caring

Therapy services for elderly, such as animal therapy is a very effective healing and rehabilitation method for elderly and people with memory-illnesses.

Animal therapies, such as equine therapy for the elderly is a very effective healing method and rehabililtation activity for seniors and people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The special bond produced when the senior feeds and grooms the horse is calming and can heal emotionally and mentally.

This animal therapy also allows the elderly client to develop coordination and timing accompanied by respiratory control. The neurological systems of the person with memory disorder or dementia is also cured such that each elderly can enjoy daily functional life. Memory rehabilitation can also be a lot of fun!

The elderly relaxes and the anxiety and depression is reduced while gaining more self-confidence as well as improving non-verbal communication. A communal sense is enhanced while enabling seniors to try out greater challenges in life. A person with memory illness or dementia can even learn how to groom and feed the animal while talking about his or her feelings with the designated licensed therapist. Eventually, the ability of the senior to conquer fear is achieved, and the physical demands of growing older are met appropriately. Equine therapy is available, for instance,  in our Hovi Club, Horsecity, Singapore.

Combined with other offered therapy services for elderly (such as occupational therapy for elderly and physiotherapy for elderly) the Animal therapy helps gain self-confidence and new, interesting experiences.

Art Therapy for Self-Expression

Certified art therapists for elderly are specially educated on all the ways to use art to improve the quality of life for seniors and people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.  Therapists create communal and individual programs using many different mediums to allow the elderly the kind of art therapy they need and get excited about. Utilizing things like paints, pens or markers, collage, watercolours or even clay for sculpture and flower arranging are all ways for seniors to express themselves through art. While not every senior art therapy session will raise a dramatic memory or involve an emotional breakthrough, it will still provide a fun and interesting way for seniors to relax and express themselves.


  • Promoting senior’s self-awareness and self-expression
  • Facilitating socialization and communication among the group
  • Improving cognitive skills and providing intellectual stimulation
  • Improving physical/motor skills
  • Decreasing stress and depression
  • Supporting memory

Excursions and Outings for Invigorating the Seniors

Just because one is old does not mean that you have to stay indoors and not enjoy a trip to exciting places. Seeing new places and meeting new people can be very invigorating.

Research has shown that there is a strong connection between social interaction and health, as well as the effects it may have on life satisfaction and the experienced quality of life. Social rehabilitation and feeling a part of a community is important for the eldely.

Combined with the physiotherapy for elderly,  the excursions and outings create a good source for motivation to keep oneself fit. Occupational therapy for elderly also helps to create confidence in moving around with a group of seniors.

In addition to the physical benefits of natural sunlight and fresh air, being outside provides mental and emotional benefits. Getting out on an excursion enables seniors to socialize with new people, and many outdoor activities provide opportunities for interacting with children and animals. Such activities can give people an extra spring in their step and rejuvenate them.

Handicraft Session for Motor Skills

Motor learning making a permanent change in the ability to perform a skill as a result of practice or experience.

Under the careful guidance of our trainer, seniors get to create their own handicraft masterpieces. From beaded ornaments and decorative items to cute key chains, the elderly let their creative juices flow as they discover nimbleness in their hands beyond their expectations.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Groups for Elderly

Besides individual sessions of therapies for elderly, our physiotherapy for elderly and occupational therapy sessions are also organized for a group of seniors. This way everyone gets to participate in interesting activities, supporting their health and well-being.

A group therapy session is also a social event where seniors encourage each other. With our HUR exercise equipment, the physiotherapy for elderly can be arranged at a suitable time during the day. Together with the occupational therapy for elderly, our therapy services for elderly support each other and our rehabilitation is supporting an end-to-end wellbeing.