We all want to stay as independent as possible and for as long as possible, right? It is always best to be able to make your own choices and to stay independent. For our seniors in the family, it means to have a choice of interesting things to do during the day with the necessary support for daily care tasks. Elderly people often have special needs or physical limitations, but those can easily be met with a professional and client-centric approach.

How does Hovi Club help elderly stay at home longer? Our physiotherapy services with interesting social activities help our clients stay in shape. Rehabilitation helps seniors stay independent and active. Come to see for yourself, how HUR’s exercise machines will make you feel stronger and abler. Our animal-assisted therapy with horses and bunnies created a lot of topics for later discussion.

Our Home Care supports clients at home when they are not in our senior activity center. Home Care is more private option to a nursing home. Home Care can also be delivered 24/7 based on our customer’s individual needs and especially with people with memory disorders, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can be less disruptive when the surrounding stays familiar. The relationship with the nursing staff is also more personal, so it is easier to build the necessary trust between the client and the care professional. So there are plenty of possibilities to tailor care services so that the elderly can remain at home, longer.

However, sometimes situation changes. It could be that the memory disorder progresses and dementia gets more severe. When the activities of daily living (ADL) are becoming more hard to handle and burdensome for the family, there might be a need to consider nursing home. In Nursing home, professional care is available 24/7, which helps the family when they can trust that their loved one is well taken care of. The choice is often a difficult one for the family. If that is the case, please be in touch with us; we at Hovi Care are keen to help you find the best option for your loved one.