Hovicare is the place for me. The club is surrounded by greenery and purposely built for elderly. The premise is quiet, has numerous walking trials and a horse stable near by. The whole compound is ideal for indoor and outdoor activities which provide a unique client experience and elderly care path equal to none in Singapore.

An Employee’s view on Hovicare

Relationships and trust

Learning from the elderly experiences and hearing their stories is truly out of this world and priceless. They come from all walks of life. We have ex-doctors, ex-nurses, ex-lawyers, ex-accountants, ex-principals and ex-business owners amongst our clients. Each of them shares his or her past history, wisdom, achievements and failures. It is just like the Chinese saying: “They eat salt more than you eat rice”. We lend them our ears and learn valuable lessons from them. In the whole process, we both benefits and forge a closer relationship and trust with them.

Hovicare is the best for eldercare one can find with different communities and diversities rolled into one.

Written by: Weicong