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HoviCare provides a premier choice in home care services. From companionship to skilled nursing, for one hour to 24/7 care. We are committed to quality and care support to help clients extend their independence while managing their unique age and health-related challenges.

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HoviHome, also sometime known as HomeCare

HoviHome is a brand of HoviCare that provides care at the home of the clients. HoviHome, also sometimes known as HomeCare, is a natural extension to our care at the day care centre. The only difference is the location of care provision. In addition, HoviHome also means providing care catered to individual needs, which manifest one of our core values – Individuality. As such, we need more time to prepare and ensure we have enough activities for the clients. Sometimes, we may need to bring the games and equipment like puzzles, cards and Nordic sticks from the centre to their homes.

Like in the centre, we continue to provide holistic care to the clients – physical, social and memory rehabilitation. We will find creative ways to conduct those activities at clients’ homes. Often, we are challenged with space limitations and structural constraints like pillars and stairs. We overcome such constraints by taking the clients outside for a stroll and having some fresh air. Such walking trails are also a valuable time for us to socialise with the clients through small talks. At the same time, we take such an opportunity to teach them to wear masks – which has become the new norm and an essential “survival” skill.

HomeCare also brings us closer to the clients’ families. Some activities we could involve them as they are working from home during the COVID-19 period. We could interact more with the family members and learn more about the clients. Such frequent interactions bring us closer and build trust with all parties. Now, we could embrace the clients and their families and make them part of the HoviClub family!

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