Hovi Care’s Online Care

HoviCare's Online care

Online Care is an important extension

In our wildest dream, we could not imagine the Hovi Care’s Online Care is possible and be a crucial extension of our care in the face of Circuit Breaker. We can now reconnect with our clients after almost two months void of social interactions with them. Our exuberance in eventually connecting with them online is indescribable and emotional.

How we implement HoviCare's Online Care?

How we implement HoviCare’s Online Care?

At the onset, we are all sceptical that Online Care is practical let alone successful. Firstly, we have to grapple with technology. Indeed, we are spoilt of choice. Ultimately, we use Microsoft Teams as the main communication channel. However, we will have to learn how to use the tool to effectively interact with our clients. For instance, we need to know when to share screen and when to have face-to-face discussion with the clients. It is important to have eye-contact with them to increase attention span and motivation to continue with the session.

Secondly, we are unsure if our clients have the patience to sit down and interact virtually with us. Contrary to belief, we are surprised that the clients enjoy the session and follow our instructions. Even the most sceptic and pessimist in their families are convinced that Online Care actually works. This has not been possible without hours of backstage preparation. The team spent many sessions discussing and organising the program flow and scouting for suitable and interesting online activities. Of course, we have to practise till we are perfect in delivering the Online Care program. During the session delivery, we will need to communicate with the clients slowly and clearly. If the clients are not interested in a selected activity, we will need to switch to another activity seamlessly. It is important to plan for contingencies to be successful.

Thirdly, we will need the support from the clients’ families to arrange for such virtual connections. We are fortunate to have a few clients who are willing to try out. The internet connection must be stable and speed quality acceptable. The clients must also be able to go to a corner with least distractions during the sessions.

In conclusion, we are now more than convinced that Online Care is an important extension of our care model. We will be able to connect with our clients when are unable to turn up at the centre. It future, we can even provide Online Care to clients outside Singapore!

Written by:
Jaya Ramar, Kamsiah Salleh and Weicong Chua

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