Trial Session

Trial Session

Trial Session in HoviClub Horsecity

Before our clients sign up, we usually recommend them to visit our premise within a vast green surrounding in which even the horses find tranquillity and peacefulness as they recuperate from their injuries. Indeed, majority of our clients love the serene environment and unique setup that HoviClub offers. There are not many places in Singapore one can get so close to horses and nature!

Besides, HoviClub offers a variety of rehabilitation programs. We follow the Hovi Care practice from Finland and adopt the FINGER* evidence-based approach to ensure our clients are adequately looked after and have an enjoyable time with us.

We encourage our prospects to come in for trial sessions at no charge. Majority, both clients and their sponsors, often leave the trial sessions with praises and admiration of our staff. Our staff are our most valued asset in HoviClub. We are in a Service industry. We cannot provide best elderly care without a team of experienced and dedicated staff.

How our staff provide care

To drive home the point of how our staff provide care, we will leave you with a feedback from one of our prospect who came in for a trial as a testimony.

Good morning, Tommy. Thank you for your kind feedback and the summary observation by Noor. Firstly, I would like to extend a big thank you to your excellent and caring staff especially Gio, Noor and Niki. They were amazing and I truly appreciate the warm welcome from the minute they opened the doors and addressing my mum as Cikgu.

Noor was exceptional in his handling of my mum and his nursing background came through early with his questioning of my mum’s conditions. Niki was very patient and exposing my mum to a number of table activities while also discussing with me as she checked on my mum’s contractures of the fingers etc and on how these could be managed. We really appreciate all their help, Tommy.

Yes, thank you, my mum did enjoy her time although I panicked at the start as I thought she was beginning to be unwell. However, after a brief shutting of the eyes and taking her out to look at the horses, she went back into the centre and was better awake throughout the rest of her time there.

* FINGER study – You can download FINGER study from our website.

Written by Tommy Tan
Managing Director
HoviClub Horsecity