HoviClub – Senior Activity Centre for Elderly

Senior Activity Centre for Elderly with a kampong feeling at Bukit Timah. Engaging programs with seniors via social interaction, memory and physical rehabilitation. 

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Hovi Club is an elderly day care centre with a kampong feeling. The day rehabilitation centre is situated in Bukit Timah, Turfclub. Its client-centric, Nordic care model utilizes Green Care therapies and latest innovations on reminiscence therapy. In Horsecity we are surrounded by beautiful, serene nature with a kampong feel. In our senior day care centre we work closely with our neighbours who help us provide stimulating therapies and senior activities, such as equine therapy.

Different kind of Elderly Daycare in Singapore

At Hovi Club senior care centre in Horsecity we offer seniors and people with memory illnesses interesting weekly programs of social interaction, memory training and physical rehabilitation. In our day rehabilitation centre we also offer a wide range of entertainment opportunities, as well as excursions to gardens, museums, and galleries specifically personalized for seniors.

We are working with a physiotherapy company Heal From Home to provide physiotherapy sessions to our clients – especially those who have Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

Senior Activity Centre for all Seniors living in Singapore

The Senior Activity Centre for Elderly serves people with various challenges with activities of daily living (ADL). It could relate to a memory rehabilitation for people with dementia or physical rehabilitation needs on e.g. stroke recovery.

Sometimes loneliness is the underlying issue for our clients. Our end-to-end care approach will respond to all of your care needs and help you ageing in place.

Horse Therapy

Come and try our Day Rehabilitation Centre for yourself

Our Senior Activity Centre is fully accessible with wheelchair and walking aids. Should you like to challenge your physical skills, come and try our special wheellator and the exercise equipment which is specifically designed for elderly. Or if you enjoy arts and crafts, music or games, our activity program for elderly will be of interest to you.
Our senior activity centre is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. So give us a call and come for a visit. We are very keen on telling more about our elderly services in our senior center in Singapore.

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Individually tailored rehabilitation

Social rehabilitation is about reconnecting with people

Hovi Care’s Social rehabilitation program and other care services comprises a set of activities aimed at social rehabilitation as well as improving our clients’ functional and social capabilities to integrate back to the society.

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Memory rehabilitation helps our clients with memory illnesses

Clients with mild dementia need mental stimulus. With our daily mental exercise reduces the risk of memory-illness and dementia. Brain training is a vital part of our Memory Rehabilitation Program.

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Physical rehabilitation helps deal with activities of daily living

Our physical exercise program combined with our other care services reduces that risk and impacts it might have on the elderly. The physical rehabilitation program is planned and catered for individual client.

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