Social rehabilitation is about reconnecting with people

Hovi Care’s Social rehabilitation program and other care services comprises a set of activities aimed at social rehabilitation as well as improving our clients’ functional and social capabilities to integrate back to the society.

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Individual care, by being active together

The contents of the individual rehabilitation program and the length are always tailored based on each client’s needs. Our goal is to help clients remain active, enhance their social skills, abilities and social interaction.

The ambience at our senior activity centre helps create new bonds and friendships among our clients and medically trained staff. Our skilled healthcare staff will guide the clients and help them get to know one and other. The centre is like a club where people mingle and socialise. Hence, we called it Hovi Club!

Various elements supporting Social rehabilitation

The seniors sometimes get disconnected from society and become lonely. Depression sets in inevitably. Strengthening the control of one’s life, improving personal health and well-being and creating plans for the future are key pillars in our social rehabilitation program. The objective is to make them to be more independent and less reliance on society. As a result, it gives them hope and a sense of usefulness in the society especially more so for people with physical impairments or disabilities. Hovi Care’s rehabilitation programs aim to do just that: provide care services so that our clients can remain socially active and see themselves as part of the society.

Hovi Club’s Social groups empower clients and make them feel better about themselves. We use music and singing sessions together with the clients as an integral part of our social activities. Music is known to help with a wide range of psychiatric conditions, including dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Social groups at Hovi Club

Music therapy has been recognised as a powerful and useful therapeutic modality. It is one of the many forms of music therapy to reduce social anxiety and stress and research has shown that it reduces agitated behaviour in elderly with mild cognitive impairment or dementia. Karaoke creates physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic and spiritual experiences and lets our clients express themselves spontaneously at our senior activity centre.

Green care uses elements of nature to support social well-being enhancing engagement and social interaction. Sometimes animal therapy, like equine therapy, helps our clients to produce unexpected feelings when memories from childhood arise via reminiscence.

Come to join our senior social groups for yourself at our senior activity centre. You might just find a new friend!

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