Hovi Club Horsecity

Hovi Club Horsecity is an elderly day care centre with a kampong feeling. The day rehabilitation centre is situated in Bukit Timah, Turfclub.  Senior Day Care Centre for Elderly operates a client-centric, Nordic care model. It utilizes Green Care therapies and latest innovations on reminiscence therapy. In Horsecity we are surrounded by beautiful, serene nature with a kampong feel. We provide stimulating therapies and senior activities, such as equine therapy.

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Contact us

Tommy Tan Managing Director

Tommy Tan

Managing Director
tel: +65 8044 4649


Our Hovi Club’s special theme at Bukit Timah in Singapore is Nature and Wellbeing. With our Green Care approch in our day rehabilitation centre, we actively use the elements of nature in our beautiful and serene environment with lush greeneries to support both your physical health and mental wellbeing.

We believe in creating a “Kampong” feel for our seniors to bring back nostalgic memories with the natural surroundings supporting memory rehabilitation and helping our elderly clients cope with dementia. Our community neighbours enhance our extensive services, such as physio-, pet- and equine therapies and other entertainment. The seniors can take part in caring of the horses, feeding and grooming them.

Our day rehabilitation centre is here to assist and guide you to make the most of your hopes and dreams. Maybe you still have something in mind you would like to experience?

HoviClub Horsecity