Given the advent of technology and current unique circumstances, we are driven to explore new avenue to connect with our clients online. Online program aims to cover the three elements of rehabilitation, namely social, physical and memory.

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Online Care helps especially in Covid-lockdown

Hovi Care’s Online Care is an important extension of our care during the Covid pandemic. With our Online care we can connect with our clients and keep in touch. Safely.

How does Online Care work in practice?

We use Microsoft Teams as the main communication channel. With it, we can share our screen and have a face-to-face discussion with the clients. Similarly to all communication means, the eye-contact is important to increase attention span and motivation.

Before the session, we have prepared a program flow with a lot of options for the clients to choose from. So that they can select the most interesting activities. Thus, our clients do have the patience to sit down and interact virtually with us. The clients enjoy the session and follow our instructions. We do make sure that the session will include all the elements for holistic care: social, physical and memory rehabilitation. During the session delivery, we communicate with the clients slowly and clearly.

What is needed from the family?

We need some assistance from the clients’ families to arrange for such virtual connections. The internet connection must be stable, and speed quality acceptable to ensure the program flows without interruptions. The clients also need a quiet place, so that there are no distractions during the sessions.

Online Care works, and it is an essential extension of our care model. Please contact us, and we will try it out! We can even provide Online Care to clients outside Singapore!

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How we implement HoviCare's Online Care?

How we implement HoviCare’s Online Care in Singapore?

“In our wildest dream, we could not imagine the Hovi Care’s Online Care is possible and be a crucial extension of our care in the face of Circuit Breaker.”

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