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As our service pledge “Own Your life“ indicates, at Hovi Care we believe that a good life involves valuing a customer’s individual choices, openness, transparency of operations, positive outlook and a memorable service experience.

Individuality means that all our decisions are made based on the elderlies needs and wishes. The senior is valued as an individual with their own habits and personal requirements, respecting and fostering their right to act autonomously.

Mutual trust is like a glue that binds the community tightly together. Trust between the family  and us is born out of the transparency of our operations. You are welcome to see us at any time. We are constantly developing our care services and our staffs know-how. Our service must always be of excellent quality, and thus it’s critically important for us that our team members are top level professionals with a genuine desire to serve and care for the elderly. With open interaction between our staff, customers and their families, we ensure things remain simple and issues are resolved.

Our role is to function as an inspirational enabler of new experiences and a safe and secure guide. We want each elderly to feel that they are truly cared for and that they are receiving a memorable and warm service experience every day.