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Trust is born out of transparency and caring elderly services.

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Hovi Care´s history

Hovi Care is an independent, family-run chain of elderly care service companies. We are now operating already in a second generation, with six nursing homes in Finland and senior day care centre, a Hovi Club, in Singapore. Hovi Care has its roots in Finland, where the first nursing home was founded already 30 years ago. The parents of the owners are still active, even if they are well over 70 years old.

The care operations have held to the initial value base throughout the years: Hovi Care elderly services are from a family to a family. We understand that families and caregivers worry about their loved ones, and we strive to meet their expectations. We do that by transparently working together towards a common goal: the wellbeing of our senior client.

Finland is all about independence and self-reliance. We feel that our role at Hovi Care is to give our customers the best chance at an enjoyable and social life, to learn new things and have meaningful new experiences every day. We do that with our therapies and by applying and providing invigorating tools for social, mental and physical rehabilitation.

Service Promise for our elderly clients

As our service pledge “Own Your life“ indicates, at Hovi Care, we believe that a good life involves valuing a customer’s individual choices, openness, transparency of operations, positive outlook and memorable service experience. Every day.

Individuality means that all our decisions are made based on the elderlies needs and wishes. The senior is valued as an individual with their habits and personal requirements, respecting and fostering their right to act autonomously.

Mutual trust is like a glue that binds the Hovi Care community tightly together. Trust between the senior´s family and us is born out of the transparency of our operations. You are welcome to come to see us at any time. We are constantly developing our elderly care services and our staff’s know-how. Our service is always of excellent quality, and thus it’s critically important for us that our team members are top-level professionals with a genuine desire to serve and care for the elderly. With open interaction between our staff, caregivers, customers and their families, we ensure things remain simple, and issues are resolved.

Our role is to function as an inspirational enabler of new and exciting experiences and a safe and secure guide. We want each elderly to feel that they are truly cared for and that they are receiving a memorable and warm service experience every day.

Hovi Care’s Values


We offer our elderly clients the same kind of safe and welcoming environment as we would offer for our own family members.


The customer is treated as an individual with their habits
and personal requirements, with respect their right to make decisions.


Trust is born out of transparency and with open
interaction between staff, caregivers, our clients and their families.

Hovi Care Environments

Care environments always have an impact on emotions and the vitality of the mind. As such, we strive to create cosy surroundings that stimulate the mind but remain calm and relaxing. We use the newest technologies to try out different stimulating service experiences, rehabilitation, therapies and entertainment. To counterbalance this, we also devise Green Care experiences with elements from nature, which often bring with memorable recollections from the past.

Simplicity and clarity are key to memory-friendly design and important to our elderly so that each senior client may feel safe. Safety is reflected not only in the design of our care environments but also in various safety technology solutions that simultaneously support our carers work, both at Home Care and at the Hovi Club Senior Care Center.

To live a full and eventful life, despite disabilities like memory illness, such as dementia, elderly´s wellbeing is a combination of physical, social and mental health. We work actively together with our local partners so that we can offer high-quality rehabilitation, various occupational therapies, physiotherapy and at the same time deliver extensive service experience for the senior.

Finnish family-run Care Service company with 30-years of experience

Hovi Care is an independent Finnish family-run chain of care service companies with 30-years of experience. It’s nursing homes employ over 100 professionals who give each service center a face, character and all the energy that a safe and inspiring atmosphere commands.


Close collaboration with local culture and people

In each country, we operate in close collaboration with local experts, as it’s important to our elderly customers that Hovi Clubs are safe and familiar places with all the things dear to our clients in their own culture, helping with dementia and supporting the memory rehabilitation.

Human approach and straightforward Senior Care operations

Our Senior Care operations all over the world are very straightforward. We take a fair and human approach to both customer service and partnerships. We think that a good life consists of very small, but ultimately very meaningful things. We feel that our role at Hovi Care is to give our customers the best chance at an enjoyable life, to learn new things and have meaningful new experiences every day.