Hovi Clubs provide opportunities for our customers to live healthier at home. We offer pleasant social interaction with other club members. Examples of the activities are shared meals, playing games, art-, music- and horse therapy and discussing current affairs. Club activities also include connoisseurs and thematic groups for travel and recreational activities.


Hovi Club

Senior Activity Centre for Elderly offers engaging programs with seniors via social interaction, memory and physical rehabilitation.


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Hovi Home in Singapore supports clients at home when they are not in Hovi Club, our senior day care centre. Hovi Home serves the elderly 24/7 if needed.

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Given the advent of technology and current unique circumstances, we are driven to explore new avenue to connect with our clients online.


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Hovi assisted

Hovi Assisted provides 24/7 care to clients in a well-designed elderly friendly building to allow the clients to literally own their life and live freely and independently.

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