How to Protect Elderly from COVID-19?


How to Protect Elderly from COVID-19?

The elderly are the people who are at risk of contracting it. The best way to protect the elderly is to reduce the risk of developing the virus.

That is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle by consuming a balanced nutritional diet that suits your diet.

Also make sure your medicine supplies are sufficient, if you have a chronic disease, and continue to consume it according to the doctor’s instructions.

For diabetics, you should check your blood pressure periodically and blood sugar levels.

Stay home as much as you can. If you need to buy a personal needs, you could ask another family member a favor to buy it for you.

Washing hands with soap should be a habit to keep our hands clean. Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Or if you are outdoors, please wipe your hands with a Hand Sanitizer that contains 60% alcohol (minimum). Then clean the objects that you often hold with disinfectant liquids, such as door knobs, refrigerator doors and so on.

Do you use an inhaler? Use it as usual. However, if you feel fever and shortness of breath that does not getting better, you should contact the Doctor immediately.

Staying home keeps you bored. Banish out that boredom by doing activities that make you happy, such as doing hobbies, gymnastics, yoga, listening to your favorite music, breathing exercises, gardening, and more.

Maintaining a healthy and clean lifestyle is a must nowadays, if you want to stay healthy and avoid from COVID-19.