Depression In The Elderly

Depresi Pada Lansia

It turns out that it is not easy to aware depression in the elderly. Because the form of depression in the elderly is different. When depression occurs at a younger age, it is obvious from different facial expressions and behaviors. But in these elderly people, this sadness is not very visible. Because of its perceptible symptoms, it is sometimes difficult to detect depression in the elderly.

Many causes of elderly people experience depression, such as illness, loss of life partner, friend or other family member, relocation and retirement.

The characteristics that we can see from depression in the elderly in general are :

  1. Daydreaming often
  2. Personality, mental and memory changes
  3. Insomnia
  4. Exhausted
  5. Feel useless

If you look at the above features, please take them to the doctor for further evaluation. Because the treatment of depression in the elderly will differ from one another, depends on the results of the evaluation. Is your elderly just depressed ? Or is there another distraction accompanying it ?

But in general the treatment is to prescribe drugs, counseling, psychotherapy and brain stimulation procedures. Or it can also be by replacing the drugs consumes.

And the most important thing about this whole treatment is how other family members encourage recovery in the elderly by instilling a positive stigma about depression. That depression is a normal thing which happens in many human being.