Eliminate Depression In The Elderly With Fun Activities

Hilangkan Depresi Pada Lansia Dengan Kegiatan Menyenangkan

Eliminate Depression In The Elderly With Fun Activities

Depression can hit anyone. Old, young, rich. And the causes can vary from one to the other.

But uniquely, it is necessary to detect depression in the elderly. Because they do not show sadness when they are depressed. They are more often nagging as a form of expression of their depression. They don’t even realize that.

And we don’t have to wait long to help lighten elderly depression. Encourage them to stay physically and socially active. Here are some ways that the elderly can degrade depression, namely :

  1. Learn new things

There is no limit for a person to learn new things, regardless of their age. So invite your elderly to learn a foreign language, play music, sew, dance or write a book. And many other options that can be customized to your elderly interests.

  1. Socialized

Encourage your elderly to socialize in interesting communities and hold interesting and rewarding activities such as at Hovi Club.  There are often interesting and fun activities here. Guaranteed your elderly will come home with bright faces and happy hearts

  1. Walking Around

Take your elderly on a walk to the place they want to visit all along. Can be beach, mountain, historic city or anywhere else according to the condition of your elderly. In addition to improving mood, walking can also boosts immunity.

  1. Writing Journals or Diary

After walking – it is good to capture beautiful memories through writing. In addition to practicing memory, your writing can also be read by other family members.

  1. Gardening

Being under sun exposure in sufficient time can improve the mood. When gardening not only does sun exposure provide an advantage but also when you touch the soil and flowers. You can feel how the texture of the soil, leaves and trunk of trees will be planted. And there will be satisfaction of our own when the trees or flowers we plant grow well.

Well.. by doing the above activities, your elderly become happier and improve their quality of life so that they are more optimistic about living the day.