Let’s Have Fun Outdoor

Let's Have Fun Outdoor

Let’s Have Fun Outdoor

When the weather is nice, playing outdoor will be tempting. Feel the warmth of sunshine to your skin and fresh air fills your lungs. It’s not only healthy for your body but also your mind. Let’s Have Fun Outdoor. This applies to people of all ages, from little children to the elderly.

But it is not easy to encourage the elderly to do activities outdoor. To them, outdoor activities will not that fun anymore, even if they’ve enjoyed it in the past.  They may get disturbed with the heat, dust, flies, etc.

Then how to ask elderly in your life to have fun outside? Try to find a suitable activities that involve the elderly such as:

Go to the Markets

Markets full with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They must be happy to take around the market and looking for what they want from the market.

Let’s Picnic

Food basket, checkered tablecloth, a basket full of fruits. Bring another thing that your elderly needed to keep them enjoy the activities. The whole family can gather and enjoy a delicious meal and refreshing beverages in a shady area.


Fishing doesn’t have to take a lot of effort.  This is an ideal activity to connect younger and older generations. It’s a great way to spend time outdoor and perhaps come home with a fresh catch to cook up for dinner.


Find sports that suit your elderly physical condition but fun. A round of golf can be a fun way to spend a day engaged in mild to moderate activity, and people limited to walking may enjoy nature hikes or birdwatching.  Or other sports that give the elderly a chance to socialize and get outdoors.


Swimming is a low impact sport that is good for the elderly. It wouldn’t cause undue stress on bones and joints. Doing exercise in the water allows them to stay cool when the weather turns warm. Water also adds resistance, which delivers both cardiopulmonary and muscle toning results, helping to keep the elderly healthy and improve overall fitness and function.

Sporting Events

Ask your elderly to watch their professional teams play.  Plan a night out to watch the game or ask them to come and cheer on their grandkids at weekend soccer or softball games.  Bring over a light meal to watch the game will be fun to do.


Gardening is relaxing. Elderly connected to nature directly. Touch the dirt, put the soil. And if they are planting vegetable gardens to grow fresh produce for meals, that even better.  They will have satisfaction feeling when consume their own growing.

Even seniors with limited mobility may be able to participate at some level, especially with assistance.  At the very least, they’ll enjoy the fruits of this labor, quite literally.

If your elderly need a community to do some fun activities please contact Hovi Care Teuku Umar at 08113 861 807. Our experienced team will support your elderly and help them to have more actions.