How to Keep Our Elderly Active and Happy?

lansia kita aktif dan bahagia

How to Keep Our Elderly Active and Happy?

It is no secret that as we get older, physical, emotional and mental health is affected. Whereas these three things are the key to aging prosperously for the elderly. Seniors who are active both physically and socially will have an effect on their brain performance and this is certainly beneficial for the elderly. This is easy to do as long as there is support from friends and family to keep the elderly active and continue to socialize. Encourage them to find and do their preferred activities.

What is your hobby ? Sometimes because of busyness, this question is not even the answer. Well, when the activity is not as close as when still active working, then now is the right time for the Elderly to pursue the old hobby or even find a new hobby. Maybe they could be directed to start learning new games, singing, foreign languages or musical instruments. All these activities can flex their mental muscles. While walking around, visiting museums, enjoying art performances and spending time outdoors will restore spirit and make their lives more inspired.

And if they want to add new friends, why not joining a community or volunteer. With this activity, they will go through a fun and days with new experiences. Or if there are grandchildren, little nieces and pets, just play with them, because this is proven to reduce stress and improve a person’s emotional state.

All the time and energy they spend with people, will generate social bonds so as to make them happy in old age.

Self-reliance, comfort and security are the environment needed for the elderly in order to pass the retirement period smoothly.

But if you see a decline in their daily quality, then changes must be made immediately to keep them in the spirit of the day so that their self-esteem is maintained.

Plan and modify activities so they don’t get bored. You’ve got a big role to play in maintaining the quality of life of the elderly when they’re at home. And it does take commitment and openness to change the elderly themselves. Another thing that can be done to help them get through their old age is let them socialize, stay active and do what they love.

And if you don’t feel like you have time to do it all, Hovi Club Bali is a great place for the elderly to spend their time every day. Because there will be many activities that can be customized to their favorite. Your elderly can do forgotten hobbies while meeting new people who will make their lives back in color.

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There’s nothing happier than seeing our elderly happy.