Hovi Care® for healthcare investment

Healthcare investment in a world class, plug-and-play elder care solution, which rides on the megatrends of ageing and dementia care.


World class, field proven service and franchising concept

Our concept is comprised of a unique and developing portfolio of innovative services. The concept is thoroughly described in the ISO9001-certified handbook, which acts as a key credibility guarantee for your healthcare investment. As a further proof, our concept has already been successfully operated in Finland, Singapore and Indonesia.

Superior knowledge based on over 30 years of experience

Hovi Care® concept is based on the world-acclaimed Finnish health care methodology as well as our long history in elder care and dementia services. In order to maintain our service consistent for the future, we run our unique Hovi Academy training programme.

Stable returns in a steadily growing business with a purpose

One of the undisputable megatrends in today’s and tomorrow’s world is the increased spending in new services at the older age. Add in the increased demand of dementia care services, and you have the keys for managing risks and gaining growth through a diversified, extendable Hovi Care® service portfolio.

If you are keen to invest in eldercare, we are ready to help you!
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