Hovi Club

Inspiring senior day care activities and unique elderly care for seniors and people with memory disorder delivered at the most active senior day care centers in Singapore and Indonesia.

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Different kind of Elderly Daycare

At Hovi Club, we offer seniors and people with memory illnesses interesting weekly social interaction programs, memory training and physical rehabilitation. In our day rehabilitation centre we also offer a wide range of entertainment opportunities and excursions to gardens, museums, and galleries specifically personalized for seniors.

Senior Activity Centre for Elderly Citizens

The Senior Activity Centre for the Elderly serves people with various challenges with activities of daily living (ADL). For example, it could relate to memory rehabilitation for people with dementia or physical rehabilitation needs, e.g. stroke recovery. Sometimes loneliness is the underlying issue for our clients. Our end-to-end care approach will respond to all of your care needs and help you age in place.

Our Senior Activity Centre in Singapore is fully accessible with a wheelchair and walking aids. Should you like to challenge your physical skills, come and try our special wheellator and the exercise equipment specifically designed for elderly. Or, if you enjoy arts and crafts, music or games, our activity program for the elderly will be of interest to you.

HoviCub Senior Activity Centre

Hovi Care embraces three elements of rehabilitation, namely social, physical and memory, in accordance with the FINGER study. This evidence-based study stresses the importance of holistic care to retard the deterioration of dementia development. There are ample brain training games for the seniors to keep them occupied and amuse themselves.

Hovi Club