HoviOnline Care

Our HoviOnline programs cover the three elements of rehabilitation: social, physical and memory.

Utilization of technology

Given the advent of technology and current unique circumstances, we are driven to explore a new avenue to connect with our clients online. Therefore, we have launched HoviOnline to provide Online Care through several technology platforms.

  • Firstly, we use HoviAcademy as a platform to place our Online program. Like HoviClub program, the Online program also aims to cover the same three elements of rehabilitation, namely social, physical and memory.
  • Secondly, we use Microsoft Teams as the primary communication channel to video call and share screen and application.
  • Thirdly, we leverage numerous online platforms such as YouTube, Online News channels and Online games to ensure we have a repertoire of activities to support the Online session without a hitch.

HoviOnline Care

The Online Program is carefully planned and organised. Success would not be possible without hours of backstage preparation. The team discussed and managed the program flow and scouted for suitable and interesting online activities. Of course, we have to practise until we are perfect in delivering the Online Care program.

During the session delivery, we will need to communicate with the clients slowly and clearly. If the clients are not interested in a selected activity, we will need to switch to another activity seamlessly. Therefore, it is important to plan for contingencies to be successful.

The art of delivering Online Care is just as important as the technology itself. All our caregivers are trained and equipped with the skills to use the tool to interact with our clients effectively. For instance, we need to know when to share screen and when to conduct face-to-face discussions with the clients. In addition, it important to have eye contact with them to increase attention span and motivation to continue with the session.

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