Dementia care and memory rehabilitation helps our clients with memory illnesses

Clients with mild dementia or Alzheimer’s disease need mental stimulus. Our dementia care and memory exercises reduce the risk of memory-illness such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Brain training is a vital part of our Memory Rehabilitation Program. Dementia care is individually tailored based on your needs and personal interests. It is easier to become motivated when training is fun!

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Plenty of memory training to choose from

Dementia care includes many elements, which support memory rehabilitation for dementia and Alzheimer’s prevention. We use music therapy in its various forms and handcrafts to support hand coordination. We play games which are suitable for elderly with dementia. For example Memoera and board games such as Chess, Bingo and Mahjong.

Board and brain games help activate the memory. Familiar games like Mahjong is played with tiles featuring Chinese characters which help train memory. Recent studies show that Mahjong is an excellent mental exercise for memory training. It improves memory and reduces the risk of dementia and memory loss.

Games are a challenging and meaningful activity. Winning will bring a feeling of success and well-being. Dementia care and brain training bring joy and fun. Some of the games can be played individually, and others in a group.  Playing together enhance the sense of community and allow more active interaction between the seniors and caregivers. Skills which are forgotten can be re-activated through games like Memoera in a fun way.

Memory rehabilitation

The importance of mind and body connection for dementia care

Dance therapy reduces stress and anxiety such as agitation or frustration. Mood swings can be a result of sudden recollection of past disturbing events.

Challenging behaviour is quite common among the elderly with dementia. Dance therapy relaxes and boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. It reduces Alzheimer’s symptoms and problems with memory loss.

Wellness Trail will guide you to relax

Successful memory rehabilitation program contains elements for brain relaxation. The studies show beneficial results in a senior’s health and well-being when listening to birds chirping in a nature  full of trees, plants and flowers.

Horsecity is an excellent for relaxation with its Kampong-feel and serenity.  Our Wellness Trail allow our clients to immerse with the surrounding nature. Nature can also trigger memories from the past.

Wellness approach – Healing the heart and mind

Cognitive functions are maintained through brain stimulus and activation of physical capacity. It helps support mental well-being and social activity. Hovi Club’s has various activities such as cooking and gardening which are suitable for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our medically trained staff is here to assist you to slow down the development of a memory illness and to keep you mentally alert.

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