Physical rehabilitation helps deal with activities of daily living

As we grow older, we will develop physical illnesses. Our physical exercise program combined with our other care services reduces that risk and impacts it might have on the elderly. The physical rehabilitation program is planned and catered for individual client. The exercises start simple and gradually increased in intensity as the clients’ conditions improve.

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Regular physical activity has many benefits for elderly

Studies have shown that elderly, who train regularly gain benefits such as improved balance and strength, better coordination and motor skills, increased flexibility and endurance and even improved memory. Our medically trained care staff provide hands-on training advice on how to exercise safely. Our rehab technology and training equipment are specifically designed for elderly people.

Once you have accomplished your training goal, you feel invigorated and energetic!

Setting target-oriented goals for rehabilitation

In our physical rehabilitation program, we aim to restore and enhance the ability of our elderly clients especially with physical disabilities. These impairments could, for example, be injuries that affect joints, muscles, ligaments, or nerves causing loss of mobility. Post-operation rehabilitation can also be planned together prior to the medical operation.

The goal of physical rehabilitation program and care treatments is to improve our clients’ independence. When successful, rehabilitation care enables one to continue with their regular life.

Rehabilitation also incorporates re-learning skills. Or sometimes it can involve learning alternative ways of performing tasks or moving. Nonetheless, the goal is to have an improved quality of life and well-being by regaining the physical strength.

Our physiotherapy services with interesting social activities help our clients stay in shape

Dance therapy builds elderly people’s motor skills

Dance therapy improves motoric functions helping the elderly with balance and coordination. It is also useful for individuals with Parkinson’s as it helps to maintain motor functioning. Dance therapy makes it easy to take part, as everyone can move creatively, making physical training fun.

Our physical training program also uses singing, rhythm playing and various other music therapy. Stimulation using music helps the elderly redirect their attention to the rehabilitation task at hand.

Participation in exciting activities, challenging oneself and succeeding makes you feel vibrant and energized. Our medically trained staff will guide your rehabilitation to help you regain your mobility and strengthening one’s personal resources.

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