HoviAssisted Saba
High-Quality Elderly Care for Seniors

Senior Care from Finland

HoviAssisted Saba is an elderly care which aim to promote well-being and critical support to our customers’ ability to live independently and safely.   Located in Saba, you will feel a calm and peaceful atmosphere, very beautiful natural scenery. Something natural and beautiful to look at every day. Our nursing staff is available 24 by 7 to ensure that our customers feel comfortable and at home at HoviAssisted Saba.

We offer our customers different services to live a meaningful and active life valuing their unique individual choices. Elderly with various challenges, e.g. memory problems,  activities of daily living (ADL), post-operation/ post-stroke patients or loneliness will receive support, care and rehabilitation services to make their daily lives easier.

HoviTheme Health and Safety

We also provide you with clear instructions and support to take care of your own health. You are provided with a personalized way and service plan. Integrated with Kasih Ibu Hospital Saba, the health services we provide are under the supervision of doctors and professional medical personnel.

You never need to be someone else at Saba. You can be yourself in our community. We offer a safe, communal and comfortable environment. Our professional and friendly personnel are available there to help you when needed. In addition, we ensure safety and comfort for the elderly. Saba is fully accessible with wheelchairs, wheellators and walking aids.