Soft Opening HoviAssisted

As people get older, they need special care and attention. Care for the elderly is usually a challenge because of reduced physical abilities, poorer health conditions due to age-related diseases, or even coupled with limited family support for specialized care.

Situated within and integrated with RS Kasih Ibu Saba, HoviAssisted Saba is an assisted living  center for seniors that carries the principle of  “Own Your Life”.  We want all senior clients to feel that they are truly cared for and receive a memorable and warm “staycation” experience with us.

HoviAssisted Saba organised an Open House on October 11-25, 2021 and was well attended by many guests from various backgrounds: elderly community, expatriate community, tour & travel  agencies as well as clinician specialists. We conducted tours and showed how HoviAssisted Saba  facilities and structured and high-quality program could benefit and nurture seniors with mild cognitive impairment or physical disabilities to rest in.

The guests were very  impressed with the facilities of HoviAssisted Saba as a 24/7 senior care  center that carries the concept of senior care from Finland which feature both clean and well-designed bedrooms with well-organised shared facilities such as main hall, dining room, games room, kitchen and rooftop garden that ensure a safe and comfortable homey atmosphere. They  also greatly  appreciated the concept  of “person-centered care”  when  we  presented holistic rehabilitation  programs on physical,  memory  and  social that were tailored for the needs of each client.  For instance, the  client could opt for special exercises or care assistance in carrying out  daily activities. The various services offered by HoviAssisted Saba – assisted care, step-down care  and respite care – are able to address the different needs of the clients and their families.

Hopefully with the opening of HoviAssisted Saba, the elderly and their families have the option  to enjoy the best quality of care in both short-term and long-term needs.

Tania Setiadi, Center Manager

Tania Setiadi
Center Manager
HoviAssisted Saba