Hovi Care® for hospitality resorts

Gain new permanent senior guests with a superior senior care franchising model.

Increase the occupancy rate of your resort by extending the visit length of your senior guests

Assisted living all year round in your resort gives you the opportunity to leverage your existing infrastructure. We help you to offer a scalable senior care franchising model, adjusted to your guests’ needs. Ultimately, you can offer senior guests a second home with a community – a place one can call home.

Gain new wealthy senior guests through an attractive activity programme

With our elderly care franchising model you can offer inspiring memory, social and physical rehabilitation programmes. We will provide the tools for creating personal care plans for your guests. You can offer a full-scale wellbeing programme under the title ”Own Your Life” – meaning that seniors can carry out daily activities independently as before.

Integrate our care service easily to your existing hospitality service

Our world-leading HoviAcademy training programme provides your personnel with the needed skills and practices. Our know-how is based on proven and tested best practices in healthcare. You can offer superior customer care by providing transparency through Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted modern technology.

If you are need to improve your occupancy, we are ready to help you!
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