Different elderly care at Hovi Care

HoviCare experience

I have not heard about this place until my daughter recommended me here to help me improve my physical and mental conditions. It is a place for the elderly and run by a friendly group of very caring personnel. The staff are very genuine in their care for their clients. They are very devoted and put every effort to make one feel at home. The club and its environment make you feel safe and peaceful.

All the staff have a very positive attitude to do the job well and not treat it as a 9-5 job. The staff are very sincere, and one can feel it. They make us feel at home and that we are amongst friends. I always look forward to a therapy visit to Hovi Club. I wish to thank the staff for their dedication and love in wanting to help us. It has been a wonderful and most pleasant encounter and experience.

Experience at Hovi Care

I see all sorts of elderly people requiring help and how well the staff manage them from attending to their mental needs to the extend of physical such as exercise and feeding them during lunch.

Hovi Club is fortunate to be in a quiet and vast compound with numerous walking trials and a horse stable. Activities like watching the horses galloping and feeding them add to the unique therapy process. I hope that such a place and environment will stay to help the elderly undergo a phase in their lives as they grow older. Thank you dedicated staff of Hovi Care!

Written by: Dr Lim