Employee’s perspective on Senior Day Care at Hovi Care

Hovi Care senior day care center

I work as a care therapist at Hovi Club Senior Day Care Center. Our clients are elderly who need personal assistance in their activities of daily living. Some of our clients have Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and some feel lonely at home. Cognitive impairment is when a person has trouble remembering, learning new things, concentrating, or making decisions that affect his or her everyday life. Hence their loved ones send them to Hovi Club at Horsecity to improve on their cognitive functions through various activities before the conditions lapse into a severe cognitive impairment or dementia.

Each day is special

My typical daily routine is just like many other ordinary employees working in an office. But one big difference is that we engage with the elderly who are appreciative of the assistance we offer them. These valuable bonds are immeasurable and indescribable and it makes our job more enjoyable and memorable – not chores that we have to quickly complete them to return home. In the end, each day is always special and the experience makes me a better person.

My husband fetches me to work every day. After he drops me off at the carpark, I stroll down the familiar and quiet pathway to the Hovi Club@Horsecity. There are so much to see along the way. I can usually feel the cool and fresh wind peppered with a subtle aroma of the horse pooh. It is such a delight to watch the horses gallop gracefully with riders on them around the track and often accompanied by their skilled trainers. This is not a common sight in a city area where I live. We are fortunate to be able to touch and feed the horses as part of our horse therapy with the elderly!

Then walking a few more steps, I reach my destination – “Hovicare Senior Day Care Center”. As I enter the glass door, I am greeted by our hard-working and faithful cleaner who is busy cleaning up the center. Next, I will start to prepare the place for my first client’s arrival.

Hovi Care day with client

Exactly at 9 am almost without fail, I will spot a frail but sturdy and cute old lady walking with a middle-aged man towards the center. A smile starts to crack from my face – ‘Aha’ it’s Mdm Lau. “Good morning, Mdm Lau”, I chuckle as I hold her hands after taking over from her faithful driver Jeffrey. She inevitably greets back with a smile and friendly gesture – as if to say, “long time no see and where have you been”. Once in the center, I will clean her hands with sanitiser, take her temperature and blood pressure – as our usual hygiene practice.

After that, I will prepare some tea and light breakfast for her to settle in. Mdm Lau always reminds me of my 90-years old mother. I suppose it is a way of contributing back to society and hopefully, Allah will take care of my mother in return. This special moment always brightens my day and melts my heart as I continue my day with Mdm Lau and the rest of the elderly in the club.

Whatever activities I carry out with the elderly in my club, my only goal is to make them happy and enjoy their stay at Hovi Club. I wish all the elderly in Hovicare stay healthy and happy always.

Written by: Kamsiah Bte Salleh