Tommy’s thoughts – how to take care of elderly – the Nordic way

Managing director

When I first stepped into Hovi Club @ Horsecity, I was utterly surprised about its facility and activities. Hovi Club totally shattered my image of an elderly care center. I was expecting to walk into an old building with dim lights and ceiling fans blowing down at a slow speed that one could hardly feel the wind. To my astonishment, the Hovi Club was well furnished and warm ambience with the elderly in mind. It was spacious, no steps to climb and air-conditioning. It is like a golf country club!

Care to the elderly in the Hovi way

The soft classical oldies playing in the background eases your mind and keeps you calm. The lighting is also soft and yet bright enough. The living-room-like space provides room for group activities like ball and rope exercises. At one corner lies a range of gym equipment for the elderly to strengthen their muscles.

There are ample brain training games to keep them occupied and enjoy themselves. At the centre of the club, there is a large karaoke area for a group gathering to hone their musical skills and most importantly to exercise their throats and lungs. In the evenings, the friendly staff will accompany the elderly for a stroll around the premise soaking in the sunset light and small talks.

Occasionally, the elderly are treated to time with the horses and rabbits and tending to the small garden beside the club. The club is located together with other facilities including a gallop stable and childcare facility creating a Kampong-feel. Multi-generational activities are frequent when the elderly watch the children going about their activities like gardening. There are many avenues for the elderly to socialise and play together.

A day will not go by without an elderly walking out of the club with a happy smile and looking forward to returning soon. The whole Hovi experience has transformed my stereotype image of an elderly care center. We should all provide the optimum care to the elderly in the Hovi way.