Celebration at Senior Day Care Centre

Celebration at Senior Day Care Centre

Celebration at Senior Day Care Centre12Mar20

Birthday Celebration at our Senior Day Care Centre. Today is a red-letter day for one of our clients, Liza. It is her birthday! We welcome her today as usual with smiles on our faces. Throughout the day, we dropped hints to her on her special day without letting the cat out of the bag. She was treated like a VIP today.

Celebration at Senior Day Care Centre

Senior Social Activities as a form of Social Rehabilitation

In Hovi Club, we treasure each client’s birthday. We like to use such occasions as part of our group therapy exercises. Providing an avenue to connect with the seniors and allowing them to connect with society is part of our Social Rehabilitation program. This is also a special bonding time with her and all the clients.

For the past one week, we had been quite busy preparing for this big day for Liza. We had a few discussions on the arrangement and tasks assignment. The idea is to do something special for Liza. We checked with her family members about her favourite types of cakes, dishes, and fruits so that we could surprise her. She likes chocolate and red colour.

Senior Activities with a twist

The usual tea break time at 3pm was a different occasion today. A nice red-white checked tablecloth was neatly and squarely laid on the table. We had to make sure there was no crease on the tablecloth as she is very particular on tardiness and cleanliness. Afterall we did not want to irritate her and start the party on a wrong foot. Eventually, everything was arranged as according to plan.

Next, we settled everyone down at the table. Liza was delighted to see the buzz of activities as we began to bring in the party hats, cups of water, empty places, and forks and spoons. We then changed the music to create the party mood.

The moment came when we brought in the birthday cake. When we announced we were celebrating her birthday, she waved her hands high up in the air and burst into laughter and joy. All joined in the chorus singing the old but familiar birthday song. As soon as we finished the song and put our hands together, she bent forward to blow the cake. I did not even have the chance to ask her to make a wish before blowing the cake. She then wished everyone good health and happiness. With that, she reached out and pulled a tissue paper to dab her tears at the corners of her eyes. When asked about the tears, she replied she was overjoyed to be able to have a such wonderful birthday celebration and time with all her friends.

We all dug into the cake and chocolate ice cream and enjoyed the music and one another’s company and conversation. We never had such a rowdy group activity with lots of laughers and exchanges. It was a momentous and memorable day that will do down in the Hovi Care diary.

Written by Tommy Tan