COVID-19 Situation

Covid-19 situation

Covid-19 Situation is on everyone’s mind

The COVID-19 situation is on everyone’s mind. In the morning, you will hear news of the outbreak. In the evening, our Government gives an update on the status of the situation – how many new cases and how they are contracted – and issues new orders and directives to curb the outbreak. Now, all bars and entertainment venues (like nightclubs, cinemas, karaoke outlets) are closed, all classes at tuition and enrichment centres are suspended, all religious services are suspended, and events and mass gatherings (e.g conferences) are cancelled. These impacts and orders are unprecedented and far worse than during SARS period.

How we are fighting COVID-19 in our Senior Care Centre

In Hovi Club, we never let our guards down. We have been diligent in disinfecting our gathering and play areas and common access areas and touch points. We clean and sanitize every morning before the clients arrive and at end of the day after clients leave the centre.

In addition, we will also disinfect the equipment and tools after using them. This is part of our routine even before the onset of COVID-19 pandemic.

Personal Hygiene is top priority

In Hovi Club, we take personal hygiene seriously. All clients will ensure the clients wash their hands before consuming any food during morning and evening tea break and lunch. In addition, after each game or social activity, we will give them hand sanitizer to rub their hands.

In our practice, we also take temperature and even blood pressure (if required) every morning and evening without fail.

Disinfection at HoviClub

As part of the directive, we ensure social distancing between two clients during social activities. We have also put up posters to remind clients and visitors on the new measures.

Our beloved client even brought us hand sanitizers for all of us. Thank you, Lew See!

Nonetheless, we will prevail so long we are persistence in our personal hygiene and diligence in adopting new measures issue by the Authority.

Written: Tommy Tan