Encountering people with a memory disorder – with respect, appreciation and gaining trust

Encountering people with a memory disorder

The families of our clients often ask for our advice on how to encounter their elderly family member, who has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. We understand the challenges they are facing at home and tell them about the three key principles we are using when encountering people with a memory disorder: 

  1. Respecting and acknowledging person’s live experience
  2. Appreciation of person’s emotions, wishes and opinions 
  3. And gaining their trust with continuity and security

As the memory illness progresses, person’s abilities to take other people into consideration are weakened. In that situation, the responsibility of successful interaction, atmosphere and consequences of actions are transferred to the people taking care of the person. This differs from normal interaction between two people, where both parties are equally responsible for what they say and do, as well as the of the resulting consequences.

Our professional staff is well-trained for interaction with people with dementia and other memory problems. But how can these practical tips be transferred to all the other people taking care of the elderly with Dementia? It has taken us a while, but we are proud to announce, that our training materials will soon be made available for the general public as well. This way also the family, who are coping with a senior with dementia, can also get the practical tips and tricks on how to successfully interact with a person with dementia. You are even able to get a certificate when you have successfully passed our Hovi Academy. 

There are three integral parts in the training: respecting the person with dementia, appreciation of their wishes and emotions and gaining their trust. The training materials will help you encounter your demented loved-one in a way, which helps you guide the day smoothly and successfully.

If you would like to be among the first caregivers making use of our HoviAcademy training content, fill in the form, and you will receive an email from us. You can also come to our HoviClub to see for yourself how we do it and even train with us the practical skills of taking care of a person with dementia.