FLA Award 2023


FLA Award 2023

On 15th November 2023, Hovi Care was awarded the Runner-Up Winner in the “Promising Franchisor Of The Year” category by the Franchising and Licensing Association (Singapore).


What does this award mean to you?

This award means a lot to Hovi Care. It recognises our effort in providing care to the senior population in this region and spurs us to do better.

Ageing Population – a rising concern

Singapore is an ageing population. In fact, it is considered a super-aged nation. The demand for elderly care will continue to rise. With this recognition, we hope our brand and practice can encourage more entrepreneurs to partner us in setting up more senior care facilities across Singapore meet the increasing demand.

In the recent speech1 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the book launch of “Singapore Ageing: Issues and Challenges Ahead” on 11 April 2023, he raised an alarming statistic, “Our population is not just ageing, but ageing rapidly. In 2010, about 1 in 10 Singaporeans were aged 65 and above. A decade later, in 2020, it has risen to about 1 in 6. By 2030, another 10 years later, it would be almost 1 in 4 Singaporeans over 65.”

Recognising the growing trend of ageing population in the region and the need to address the challenges in providing adequate care and support and promoting the quality of life and well-being of older persons, the ASEAN has come together to discuss on Active Ageing as a prevention care to the geriatric population – particularly against falling prey to dementia. Singapore has the highest proportion of geriatric population in ASEAN and followed by Thailand and Vietnam. According to BMJ2, the geriatric population is increasing day by day and as per 2019 data there were 46.8 million persons aged 65 or above in ASEAN.

Evidence-based senior care approach

We have heard the younger generations dream to retire early. What do you do after retirement? They want to travel the world. This is excellent – depending on how deep their pockets can last them. Some prefer to just lay back and watch Korean drama over a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, such laissez faire lifestyle lacking positive stimuli to the brain or the muscle is a formula for a disaster to strike leading to dementia. According to FINGER3 study, it is crucial to have physical, social and cognitive activities everyday for prevention care against any form of mild cognitive impairment.

Hence, we need to embark on a journey to set up senior care facilities across this region to provide the right level of care to the seniors before the situation gets worse.

Written by Tommy Tan
Managing Director
HoviClub Ulu Pandan


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