Hovi Care® elderly rehabilitation franchising model for hospitals

Extend your customer base with a future proof elderly rehabilitation franchising model.

Hovi Club®: Reliable, consistent, high-quality service and franchising model based on a proven concept

The Hovi Club® elderly rehabilitation franchising model is thoroughly described in the ISO9001-certified handbook, which acts as a key credibility guarantee for you. Moreover, the proven and tested best practices and over 30 years’ history in elder care and dementia services lead to the consistently high quality we are proud of.

End-to-end elderly services for memory, social and physical rehabilitation

The active weekly programme we offer is packaged with tailored rehabilitation elements focusing on memory, social and physical condition. Individual service is guaranteed by the employees’ knowledge of the client’s life history and their elderly care skills obtained through our unique HoviAcademy training programme.

Transparent and evidence-based operations leveraging modern technology

Our programme is based on solid evidence: in our case that means the FINGER*-study carried out in Finland, one of the leading nations in elderly care and rehabilitation. Furthermore, transparency in operations enabled by Articial Intelligence (AI), biomonitoring, and electronic medical records, lays ground for continuous service quality improvement.

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