Why I Chose Hovi Care

Why I Chose Hovi Care

Why I Chose Hovi Care

When the frost hit Finland (-20°C), I began working as a program director in Hovi Care. The initial meetings with my Singaporean and Balinese colleagues brought warmth to my home office. Hovi Care genuinely provided me with a safe and welcoming environment.

With over thirty years in the healthcare field as a nurse, manager, developer, LEAN coach, researcher, and author on health care practices, I am dedicated to developing quality care for the elderly and individuals with neurocognitive disorders.

High-Quality dementia care is crucial for the well-being and dignity of people with neurocognitive disorders and their families. This is a focal point of Hovi Care’s operations. The client is always the priority at Hovi Care. Our slogan “Own your life” reflects the commitment to realizing customers’ right to self-determination in everyday life. Effective and supportive communication, empathy, and a person-centered approach are vital for fostering a supportive environment.

Hovi Academy

Comprehensive training of staff and carers is essential for understanding the unique challenges posed by ageing and neurocognitive disorders, promoting patience, and understanding. Hovi Care continuously develops training courses in Hovi Academy, offering e- learning opportunities.

Creating dementia-friendly spaces and tailoring activities to individuals’ preferences enhance everyone’s quality of life. Hovi Care supports local franchisees delivering high-quality care of the elderly and people with neurocognitive disorders. Individual rehabilitation plans, tailored to personal preferences and considering memory, social, and physical aspects of rehabilitation, are created for clients.

Collaboration between staff, families, and local community plays a crucial role in providing compassionate, evidence-based, and high-quality dementia care. Trust is one of Hovi Care’s core values. Hovi Care is actively developing tools and best practices to support seamless cooperation. Hovi Care’s clients actively participate in the community, enjoying trips and various guests that bring joy, increasing interaction and mutual acceptance.

It is a pleasure to join Hovi Care, which enables ageing people and those with neurocognitive disorders to have a memorable and positive service experience every day.

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Written by:
Annikka Immonen
Program Director, Hovi Care