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An Employee’s view on Hovicare

An Employee’s view on Hovicare

Hovicare is the place for me. The club is surrounded by greenery and purposely built for elderly. The premise is quiet, has numerous walking trials and a horse stable near by. The whole compound is ideal for indoor and outdoor activities which provide a unique client experience and elderly care path equal to none in […]

Different elderly care at Hovi Care

HoviCare experience

I have not heard about this place until my daughter recommended me here to help me improve my physical and mental conditions. It is a place for the elderly and run by a friendly group of very caring personnel. The staff are very genuine in their care for their clients. They are very devoted and […]

Employee’s perspective on Senior Day Care at Hovi Care

Hovi Care senior day care center

I work as a care therapist at Hovi Club Senior Day Care Center. Our clients are elderly who need personal assistance in their activities of daily living. Some of our clients have Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and some feel lonely at home. Cognitive impairment is when a person has trouble remembering, learning new things, concentrating, […]

What makes a good senior day care center?

a good senior day care center

As you might already know, Hovi Club in Horsecity, Bukit Timah, has its roots in Finland. Our senior center, Hovi Care in Singapore originates from Finnish healthcare environment in which three elements of wellbeing are built-in elderly care: 1) Individual care means that the activities in our senior center can be tailored individually, based on […]