Hovi Care Singapore
High-Quality Elderly Care for Seniors

Hovi Club is an elderly day care centre with a kampong feeling. The day rehabilitation centre is situated in Bukit Timah, Turfclub.  Senior Activity Centre for Elderly has client-centric, Nordic care model. It utilizes Green Care therapies and latest innovations on reminiscence therapy. In Horsecity we are surrounded by beautiful, serene nature with a kampong feel. We provide stimulating therapies and senior activities, such as equine therapy.

Different kind of Senior Activity Centre for Elderly in Singapore

At Hovi Club – Horsecity we offer seniors and people with memory illnesses interesting weekly programs. They include social interaction, memory training and physical rehabilitation. In our day rehabilitation centre we also offer a wide range of entertainment opportunities.


Senior Activity Centre with a kampong feeling at Bukit Timah. Senior Activity Center for Elderly has engaging programs with seniors via social interaction, memory and physical rehabilitation.

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Home Care in Singapore supports clients at home when they are not in Hovi Club, our senior day care centre. Home Care serves the elderly 24/7 if needed.

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Given the advent of technology and current unique circumstances, we are driven to explore new avenue to connect with our clients online.

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Serving Singaporean Senior Citizens

The Senior Activity Centre for Elderly serves people with various challenges with activities of daily living (ADL). It could relate to a memory rehabilitation for people with dementia or physical rehabilitation needs on e.g. stroke recovery. Sometimes loneliness is the underlying issue for our clients. Our end-to-end care approach will respond to all of your care needs and help you ageing in place.

Come and try our day rehabilitation centre for yourself.

Our Senior Activity Centre is fully accessible with wheelchair and walking aids. Should you like to challenge your physical skills, come and try our special wheellator and the exercise equipment which is specifically designed for elderly. Or if you enjoy arts and crafts, music or games, our activity program for elderly will be of interest to you.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. So give us a call and come for a visit. We are very keen on telling more about our elderly services.

Recent blog posts


Since going to Hovicare I have noticed an improved interest in physical activity and better strength and balance in my father’s gait. He really enjoys the company and all the activities there. His favourites are songs from his era, games and of course the exercises. We really appreciate all the efforts and dedication of every staff. They really have won over an initially resistant participant.

Gillian / daughter

Since my father joined Hovi Care in January 2020, it has become somewhat of a second home to him. The staff are warm, friendly and patient. They have been able to engage him on a personal basis, encouraging him to share his personal experiences and opinions.
I also appreciate the various exercises, both mental and physical, that have been tailored to suit his needs,

Adeline Lim / daughter

Without Hovicare, my mother would not receive much needed stimulation and engagement each day.

The staff are responsive to her needs and provide regular and helpful updates on her physical and emotional well-being.”

Li Choo / daughter

My father in law has thoroughly enjoyed his time visiting HoviCare. The staff are friendly and willing to help with all aspects of his care.

We were initially hesitant to try the day care service, but the staff did everything they could do to help him settle in.

Justin / son in law

3.1.2021:Our family truly appreciate all the help from Hovicare throughout the period of my father’s recovery due to an accident last year. The positive experience with Hovicare helped him to remain positive and encouraged despite of the unfortunate incident. The level of care and concern from Hovicare not only helped to strengthen our family emotionally and psychologically, but also allowing us to recognise the importance of professional and quality care for elderly like our parents.

We were very fortunate to have found Hovicare when we needed help the most, and we would definitely recommend Hovicare to others who are in need as well. Through the experience with Hovicare, we also learnt the importance for elderly to remain active and purposeful, and hope for our parents to continue engaging with others through Hovicare hereafter. Thank you for everything!

Susan / daughter

7.1.2021:We are very happy with the homecare service provided by Hovi Care. The homecaregiver assigned not only provides companionship but takes great effort to find out the likes and dislikes of my cousin who has dementia.

He is caring, attentive and patient. He is knowledgeable and is able to handle my cousin who has occasional mood swings. After each 3 hour session, he will give constructive feedback and suggestions to the family to help improve the overall wellbeing of my cousin. He truly cares and treats him well.

JY / Cousin

18.7.2021: Thank you, I was thinking of dropping him (my husband) this afternoon, as yesterday evening he was asking to go to the center. I took him there at 5.45pm (yesterday) to satisfy his desire to go to the center (despite knowing the centre would be closed then).

Thank you for all the good work and what the centre is doing to help these people! God bless you and the staff.


16.11.2021: Good morning, Tommy. Thank you for your kind feedback and the summary observation by Noor. Firstly, I would like to extend a big thank you to your excellent and caring staff especially Gio, Noor and Niki. They were amazing and I truly appreciate the warm welcome from the minute they opened the doors and addressing my mum as Cikgu.

Noor was exceptional in his handling of my mum and his nursing background came through early with his questioning of my mum’s conditions. Niki was very patient and exposing my mum to a number of table activities while also discussing with me as she checked on my mum’s contractures of the fingers etc and on how these could be managed. We really appreciate all their help, Tommy.

Yes, thank you, my mum did enjoy her time although I panicked at the start as I thought she was beginning to be unwell. However, after a brief shutting of the eyes and taking her out to look at the horses, she went back into the centre and was better awake throughout the rest of her time there.